MCAT Score Range

The MCAT is broken down into 4 different sections and each has it’s own score range to indicate your achievement on it. Three of the section have a score range using numbers from 1 to 15 while the writing portion of the MCAT uses a letter score range from J to T.

These MCAT Score ranges are used to determine how well a person has done on each section of the test. Your composite score after taking the test is the total points received from each of the three number score range sections. Thus, your total MCAT score range can be anywhere from 0 to 45.

MCAT Score Ranges Category Breakdown

The following are the score ranges for each of the 4 sections on the MCAT.

Section MCAT Score Range Average Score
Physical Sciences 1-15 8
Verbal Reasoning 1-15 8
Biological Sciences 1-15 8
Writing Sample J-T O

MCAT Score Range for Popular Medical Schools

In addition to understanding the MCAT score range and the average scores for each section, you might be interested to know the score ranges for each section for students who were admitted to some prominent medical school universities. The following is a list of the average MCAT score on each MCAT section for students who are accepted into these medical schools.

School Average Verbal MCAT Score Average Physical Science MCAT Score Average Biological Science MCAT Score Average Writing Sample MCAT Score
Harvard University 11 12 12 Q
Johns Hopkins University 11.1 11.9 11.9 Q
University of California-San Francisco 10.6 11.5 11.7 P
Washington University in St. Louis 11.3 12.6 12.5 Q
Queens University (Canada) 10.8 11.1 11 P
McGill University (Canada) 10 11 11 P

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